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Hair Accessories Comeback As True Fashion Accessories

It seems that hair accessories, which have long been shamefully ignored by luxury fashion accessory designers, have been making a long overdue (in my opinion) comeback. Now if you are thinking I am referring to the thick padded satin or velvet headbands that you once used to hide a very ugly hair day or those abominable things called 'scrunchies', that you made sure you destroyed all evidence that you ever owned any, then you are very wrong indeed! What is most appealing about the hair accessory 'comeback' is that they have made a 'comeback' as a true fashion accessory that can take a worthy place next to any designer bag, shoes or jewellery for that matter.

Over the last few fashion seasons we have seen the emergence of hair adornments and hair pieces on runways, not as an added afterthought, but as a respectable part of the outfits and entirety of the show. Headbands and headpieces are now being created with true designer flair and workmanship, in styles and using materials that would previously have been hard to imagine. Take headbands for instance:

Headbands are now being designed in all sizes ranging from super slim to extra wide, in all designs ranging from the traditional hard headband to the soft headband, the headband scarf, the head wrap etc.

In addition to the change in styles and designs we have seen a change in the way hair accessories such as headbands are worn. Headbands are now worn as part of the hairstyle, where the headband slips into the hairstyle and features as a part of the hairstyle you are wearing rather than as a way of pulling hair back off the face or concealing a bad hairstyle. Headbands or head wraps are also being worn on top of the hair in a 'hippy' style. This look can range from a true 'hippy' look using leather straps and ties to a highly glamorous bijoux hippy look using decorative crystal adorned or metallic wraps.

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What's also incredibly inspiring about hair accessories such as headbands/head wraps etc is that now, unlike previously, women are incorporating hair accessories such as headbands in their hair styles no matter what length or style their hair is - headbands can be worn on all hair lengths ranging from short hair to long hair and added to up-dos as well. Even women sporting serious rock chic short hairstyles look great with a contrasting stylish headband.

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